Guest VPN Networks


Guest VPN Networks

I apologise in advance if this isn't the right sub for this. I'm completely new to networking bar replacing my ISP router with a separate modem and Ubiquiti Amplifi mesh setup so please excuse any misinformation or discrepancies in my post.

I'd planned an upgrade to the Ubiquiti SSG, gateway, switch, cloud controller and 2 nano AP's however after trying to research my question online I don't think these give me the functionality I'm looking for or whether it's even possible.

I've done a little reading on VPN guest networks and can see in routers support DD-WRT that you can indeed have an ISP connection then a separate VPN connection.

Building in this, is this possible on the Ubiquiti platform?

Is there any home setup I could get that would allow numerous VPN guest networks? Ideally I'd like to have my ISP connection, a VPN connection based in the UK an another in the US and another based in Asia. However I'd be happy giving up the ISP / Asia connection and just having the 2 VPN connections if that's possible?

Any help / purchasing advice is welcome. Based in the UK if that makes a difference.

I'm aware I could dedicate a VPN connection to a specific device but it would be easier if I wanted to change location to just connect to another network instead of going into each device to change the location, something very annoying on TV's.